About us

The birth history of our Institute is like a mythological story. In mythological story some where it is found that the son is older than father. Similarly our Institute was born well in advance before the birth of our parent organization Insurance institute of India took place on 30.06.1955.


Insurance education movement was started from East India, from Kolkata. The reason may be previously Calcutta was the capital of India and the cultural atmosphere of Calcutta as the best due to British infiltration. People of here became curious for more & more knowledge. This soil produced many insurance stalwarts and maximum number of Insurance Companies were established.


As a result the need for insurance education was felt. For catering the need of insurance education in the last century first two insurance educational institutes were established in Kolkata within a span of 14 years.


Our Institute, erstwhile Indian Insurance Society, 2nd senior most affiliated institute of III, Mumbai was established on 15th August, 1944 by the British with a view to educate the employees of Insurance Companies, Syllabus & curriculum were formed on the job-oriented basis. That time Private Insurers were sponsoring this education as a part of In-house training to update their employees of very much complicated insurance rules and policies. Later on, Life Insurance was nationalized in 1956 and General Insurance was nationalised in 1973. The scenario was changed. Insurance Industries became the main source of supplying fund in the Central Budget of the Country. Its importance was realized and increased by leaps and bounds. Pattern of syllabus in Insurance subject were changed and number of subjects were increased. Then the insurance education was mainly concentrated among the employees of PSU companies. Employers were encouraging for insurance education by paying extra allowance and by giving promotion etc. But the entire scenario was changed after opening up the Insurance Sector in 1999. Now this course has been revised, new subjects have been introduced as per need of the day. The importance of our course has got the tremendous importance for achieving many more venues to build the career. The Certificate and Diploma awarded by our parent Organisation, Insurance Institute of India ( formerly known as Federation of Insurance Institutes ) are recognized by all Insurer, State Government and Central Government as also by Afro Asian Countries, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australian Insurance Institutes. We conduct Licentiate, Associateship, Fellowship examination, covering nearly 45 subjects. The examinations are conducted at more than 134 Centres in India and 20 Centres at abroad. We also engaged in holding Seminars, Workshop, Oral Tuition Class, Publishing Journal, Research activities on Insurance. We have Library facilities with Air conditioned Class Room and excellent faculty members. Various non-educational programme viz Annual Picnic, Annual Social etc. Are also arranged by us for our members. We are the best associated institutes of III since 2009-10 to 2015-16 – seven consecutive years in a row.


Any person having minimum qualification Madhyamik/SSC may join this course having the aspirations of building career in Insurance profession, is welcome. For further queries, guidelines contact at our Office at Royal Insurance Building ( Ground Floor of Heritage Building ) – Opposite to Calcutta GPO. So, don’t delay, leap for insurance education and after you look the bright future waiting for you.