Frequently asked Questions

Yes you can enroll for the Licentiate examination if you have passed S.S.C. or any equivalent examination and completed 18 years of age. For CPAIM Course candidates should either be Graduate or Associates/Fellow of III.

The different kinds of courses available to the candidates are:

Yes. These are as under:

Off-Line Examinations are conducted twice a year. (i.e. in April/May and October/November) through pen and paper. However ON-LINE (through computer) are being conducted quarterly basis.

Yes, all the Insurance Companies recognise the Institute’s diploma as one of the highest qualification in Insurance and they encourage their employees to appear for the Institutes examinations. The insurers in overseas countries also recognize the qualifications of the Institute.
The qualifications are also recognized by esteemed overseas institutes viz. Chartered Insurance Institute in UK, LOMA and CPCU in U.S.A. and Insurance Institute of Canada by offering exemptions to the Associates and Fellows of the Institute in the respective qualifications.

The Chartered Insurance Institute, London grants subject wise credit points to the Associates and Fellows of Insurance Institute of India in their ACII program consisting of 290 credits. The American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, U.S.A. grants 1 exemption in their prestigious CPCU designations to the Fellows (Non-Life) of Insurance Institute of India. Life Office Management Association, U.S.A. grants 2 exemptions in their FLMI designation to the Fellows (Life) of Insurance Institute of India. Insurance Institute of Canada grants 3 exemptions to Associates and 4 exemptions to Fellows of Insurance Institute of India in their CIP program consisting of 10 subjects.

The Institute at present has a special scheme of arrangement with the Chartered Insurance Institute, London wherein the Associates and Fellows of the Institute are offered discounted fees for the examinations of The Chartered Insurance Institute. For more details please visit our website.

(i) With the introduction of Credit Point System from May 2012, now there is no more fixed number of subjects that a candidate has to appear and pass for Associateship and Fellowship examination. Associateship and Fellowship qualifications are awarded on accumulation of 250 credit points and 490 credit points respectively with certain compulsory subjects and completing all the formalities to be elected as life Associate and Fellow membership.

(ii) For Fire and Marine specialization diploma there are 5 subjects (i.e. 2 Licentiate and 3 Technical papers). For Actuarial specialization there are 6 subjects (i.e. 2 Licentiate and 4 Technical papers). for CPAIM course there are 3 level consisting total 16 subjects.

In respect of objective papers, candidate who obtains 60% or more marks in any one subject will be declared as having passed in that subject. However, Candidate appearing descriptive papers should score minimum 50 marks in individual subject.

Because of introduction of credit point system from May 2012 now there is no time limit to pass for Licentiate, Associateship, Fellowship, Specialized Diploma, C.I.S., Surveyors and Actuarial Science Examination as such. Validity of credit points of subject passed expires after 5 years if candidate is unable to pass full Associateship. However candidates passed and elected as Associate member of III will always have 250 credit points to their credit. After passing Associateship with 250 credit points if a candidate further acquires 240 credit points within 7 years with one compulsory subject (Actuarial), he/she will be declared as passed in fellowship.

Yes. Since the introduction of Credit Point System from May 2012 the old branches system has completely been scrapped. Candidate can enroll for any subject to appear for examination after verifying the time table and subjects. However candidate passes Licentiate examination only after having cleared compulsory papers of Licentiate and accumulates 60 credit points.

For OFF-Line (Pen and Paper) Examination, admission cards are sent to candidates through email on email ID given in candidate profile about two weeks prior to the commencement of the examinations. It will also be available on website during that period. And for ON-Line Examination – candidate has to download the hall ticket from the system and Insurance Institute of India does not send any hall tickets for such on-line examination candidates.

Hall ticket can be downloaded from the website/portal.

Basically this is a “Self learning Study” course and a candidate is expected to study the course contents in depth and also assimilate additional information relevant to the prescribed subject to gain knowledge. Candidate is expected to go through various magazines, journals, reference materials/books related to the subjects. Candidate can also refer previous years question papers hosted on our website.

The enrollment can be done ONLINE on website www.insuranceinstituteofindia.com. We have associated institutes operating from different parts of the country. Any candidate who wishes to enroll for the examination should be a member of one of the Associated institute. Candidate can become member of an institute nearest to their place of residence or work and can submit the examination form and pay the fees through his / her institute. Candidates should obtain a printout of enrollment details from the Associated Institute within 15 days of submitting the form and fees.

If the candidate is appearing for the first time for examination he/she has to pay additional Registration fees as Rs.700/- and examination fees Rs500 per subject. Registration fees for Associateship and Fellowship will be required while enrolling for compulsory subjects of Associateship and Fellowship. i.e. Rs. 700/- and Rs.600/- respectively. For CPAIM Rs. 700/- registration fees, Rs. 700/- membership fees and Rs.1500/- per paper examination fees and for repeater Rs.1000/- per paper examination fees.

ii) Overseas candidates have to pay Rs.2000/- examination fees per subject and if the candidate is appearing for the first time for examination he/she has to pay additional Rs.3000/- as Registration fees.

For Off-line examination If you send your application for refund of fees before the “last date for withdrawal” is over, you are entitled for refund of 50% of examination fees paid by you. However registration fees and other fees’ are not refunded. Application for refund of fees can be sent via post to Insurance Institute of India, Plot-C-46, G- Block, Bandra-Kurla complex , Bandra (East) Mumbai 400051. or alternatively you may send an e-mail to mrm@iii.org.in . For on-line examination, there is no provision of refund of fee.

Yes, you can change the examination center online before the last date of changing the examination center is over.

Yes, You can find out nearest Associated Institute by accessing this information from our website.

Accredited Learning Centre is a learning centre which is formed to fulfill the insurance Institute’s objectives in providing study materials, training and tuition facilities and other learning aids to the candidates who prepare for III Mumbai examination.

You can find out if there are any Accredited Learning Centres near your place of work/residence by checking latest of Examination Handbook. Alternatively you may access this information by accessing our website.

Insurance Institute of India is a leading Examining body that conducts Insurance Examination for awarding diploma in Insurance. The activities and achievement of Insurance Institute of India has placed our country on the world map of Insurance Education. This is a professional education Institute. After passing Insurance Institute examination candidates become well versed with insurance technical and domain knowledge. The qualification of insurance institute has been recognized by all the Insurance companies of India, Private and public sector, regulator as well as overseas countries.

Candidate seeking admission to any of our professional examination can register/enroll by the click of mouse on our website www.insuranceinstituteofindia.com.

The online admission facility is available on our website for following types of examination:
Licentiate – New registration
Licentiate – Already Registered
CIS – New registration
CIS – Already Registered
Surveyors – Already Registered
Actuarial Science Certificate/ diploma – New Registration
Actuarial Science Certificate/ diploma – Already Registered
Specialised Diploma Marine/Fire – New Registration
Specialised Diploma Marine/Fire – Already Registered
At present candidates can make payments to Insurance Institute of India online, real-time using the Billdesk Directpay Gateway. Candidates can use Visa, Master card, Online Net Banking options with over 40 Banks. Online registration window shall remain active till the last date mentioned for receipt of forms.

a. New candidates should “CREAT AN ACCOUNT”” Login-ID on website. After login please CREATE your PROFILE . Fill in the columns on the basis of information provided by candidates in the entry form. Certain information like email id and mobile number of candidate is mandatory for sending information to the candidates. Once the desired information is filled in, submit the data update the missing info if any. On providing complete information system will accept the profile and will generate (your)CANDIDATE ID. Please NOTE THIS ID NUMBER.

b. View your profile for confirmation giving (your) CANDIDATE ID as above.

c. Go for Registration option. Pay registration fees ONLINE through Debit/ Credit card.

d. Go for Enrollment of subjects. Select the Subject/Language/Centre etc. Pay fee ONLINE through Debit/ Credit card.

If you have registered earlier with the Institute then you may create a Login ID as an Already Registered Candidate. After having created a Login ID candidate are requested to update their profile information by clicking on the menu item Exam Registration click on Already Registered sub menu. Help is available on home page i.e. help desk.

After having updated their profile candidate may enroll for exams online by clicking on menu item Exam Registration and clicking on Paper Enrolment Form.

This FAQ was designed to minimise queries of candidates. To know about credit points system in examination, the details are available on website under examination link, candidates may visit website and see the credit points guidelines but if it has been unable to address your query you may e-mail us at mrm@iii.org.in (Professional Examination/diploma and membership)

studymaterial@iii.org.in (Study Material)

diploma@iii.org.in (Diploma)

accounts@iii.org.in (Accounts)

journal@iii.org.in (Journal)

library@iii.org.in (Library)